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Thomas Gajhede - Production employee 

- Today you'll meet Thomas Gajhede, a production worker on the evening shift.

Thomas drives a slat truck, which means that he is responsible for driving slats to our presses. This task is extremely important, as Thomas is responsible for ensuring that the different presses have the right slats for the orders they are producing. In order to optimize production, the different plants must run as much as possible, and therefore driving a slat truck requires a great overview, as Thomas is often alone in keeping up to 4 presses running. 📋👀

In addition to keeping the various presses running by running the slats, he also checks the slats for final defects before they are delivered to the presses. 🔍

Thomas also contributes greatly to the social aspect of the workplace, and he is a member of our staff association, where he helps organize various social events for all teams. 👍

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