Sustainability is a big part of VTI's DNA, and it's a commitment! We want to take responsibility for our impact on the environment and society and work continuously on our commitments. 

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Sustainability is part of our DNA

VTI's identity is strongly rooted in a deep focus on sustainability and responsible behaviour. We aim to be a healthy and sustainable organisation that is committed to realising the intentions that the whole world depends on – both now and in the future.

Our ambition is to be a pioneer company in the interplay between minimising our negative impact on the environment, being competitive and contributing positively to the development of society. We believe these ideals and intentions makes us the preferred and responsible business partner. This is why it's important to us that our customers, employees, suppliers and the rest of the world share the same sustainable mindset as us.

We are committed and dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future, which our work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals helps to support and realise.

This applies to reducing our carbon footprint and waste volumes, where we strive to reduce our emissions and recycle as many materials as possible. We also promote the responsible use of resources and contribute towards environmental conservation at a local and global level.

VTI wants to be a healthy, responsible and attractive workplace. We therefore strive for equal opportunities for all our employees and partners. In addition, we will educate and inform our employees and partners about our efforts to protect the environment.

It also means that we work towards a sustainable supply chain by making demands on our suppliers and collaborating on sustainable solutions.

We recognise and acknowledge that the sustainable journey and our efforts are fraught with dilemmas and difficult choices, which is why we continuously strive to be transparent and open in our communication both internally and externally. This is necessary if we wish to realise the intentions that the whole world is talking about and depends on.

Our focus on the triple bottom line

The foundation for a healthy and sustainable company that can continue to be strong in the future is the three bottom lines. As part of the supporting work with the SDGs, we at VTI work strategically and professionally with the environmental, social and economic bottom line every day.

Employee implementation of the strategy is crucial for VTI to achieve sustainable success. We take the external and internal influencing factors as our starting point, and it is the employees themselves who, with pride, professionalism and ownership, deliver the strategy's focus areas in the bottom lines and the SDGs.


  • The environmental bottom line: We have a constant focus on sustainable and responsible forestry, working exclusively with certified wood. In addition, we focus on energy optimization and work actively to reduce waste, promote recycling and minimize pollution.
  • The social bottom line: We focus on a good working environment, where employees can feel safe and where we celebrate diversity. We contribute to employee health and ensure equal conditions and opportunities, while reducing sickness absence and work-related injuries.
  • The financial bottom line: We focus on investing in the future in a financially sustainable way. We implement sustainable solutions that contribute to long-term growth for everyone in the value chain.

VTI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In order to make our sustainable strategy a reality and do as much as possible for the world around us, it is important and natural for all employees at VTI to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We do this both to be aware of the actions we have already taken, but also to set new goals for the future of VTI and our impact on the world.

We take our social responsibility seriously on many parameters, but we have selected four specific SDGs where we can make the biggest difference to the world. Within each of the four goals, we work on the individual issues that we believe have the greatest impact on VTI, but even more so on the rest of the world.

Our work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is not limited to the four goals below; in fact, we work across multiple goals. At VTI, we are also aware that we will never stop developing our sustainable agenda, because we know that being a manufacturing company comes with great social responsibility.

A healthy workplace

We believe that an attractive workplace is one that prioritizes employee health, equal conditions and opportunities. It is a workplace with room for differences and where we have an active health policy. We continuously work on the working environment, our way of talking to each other and creating the best possible framework for our employees so that they are proud to work at VTI.

Local deployment

We take great social responsibility for the local community in Vinderup and the surrounding area, where we want to contribute to education and jobs. We support local initiatives, associations and sports activities so we can give back to the community we are part of. It is important for us to be part of the local community as one of the city's major companies.

Focus on responsible consumption

At VTI, we focus on responsible consumption throughout our entire value chain and we are continuously working to find new methods in raw material utilisation, energy reduction and waste sorting. We believe that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, which is why we have established NORTO, which works to develop sustainable solutions using our off-cuts. The choice to locate our factory in Latvia was also driven by our focus on responsible consumption, as it brings us closer to the forest and our customers.

Nurturing nature

The biggest difference we as a company can make in the world is our focus on sustainable and responsible forestry. That's why we only work with wood that has either FSC® or PEFC certification. These certifications guarantee that the wood comes from forests where both environmental and social responsibility are taken into account. As a company, we also make demands on both our suppliers' and our own transportation, where we are continuously replacing diesel with electric and hybrid solutions.

How we work with social sustainability

At VTI, we have a dedicated approach to social sustainability, which is an integral part of our corporate culture and business strategy. We believe that a company should not only have a financial focus, but also focus on societal and environmental aspects.

We prioritise employee well-being and development, which is crucial to our success. We offer training and career opportunities and work to create an inclusive and diverse work environment. We have employees from many different nationalities and ethnicities, and we believe that this diversity strengthens our company culture and our ability to deliver innovative and creative solutions.

We also support local organisations and projects in our local area, and we believe that our relationships with the local community are crucial to our success as a company. At VTI, we will continue to work towards creating a more sustainable and responsible company that can be a positive force in society.

Impact Report 2022/2023

VTI's Impact Report for 2022/2023 is our first published report but it has several years of internal sustainability work as a solid foundation. The report is a collection of selected assessments for VTI's sustainability work in Vinderup and in the future, it will also include the initiatives at the factory in Latvia.

The report was prepared in September 2023 and covers the fiscal year from 1 May, 2022 to 30 April, 2023.

You can read the report here

Selected results from 2022/2023

Timber certification:
What is it and why is
it important?

At VTI, we place great emphasis on sustainable and responsible forestry. That's why we only work with wood that is certified by either FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). These certifications guarantee that the wood comes from forests where both environmental and social responsibility are taken into account.

FSC® and PEFC are both internationally recognised certification schemes that set high standards for forestry and wood production. Among other things, the certification means that consideration must be given to:

  • Maintaining biodiversity
  • That forest management must be responsible and sustainable
  • That local communities should be involved and benefit from forest management.

Our work with FSC® and PEFC certified wood reflects our desire to take responsibility for our impact on the environment and production conditions. It also means that we can offer our customers high-quality products with a clear conscience.

By choosing certified wood, we contribute to maintaining healthy forests and preserving biodiversity while supporting local people's livelihoods and preventing wood production from leading to deforestation and climate change. Our choice to only work with FSC® and PEFC-certified wood is part of our overall goal to create a more sustainable future and take responsibility for our society and environment.


NORTO is part of our sustainability strategy

For us, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, which is why we have established NORTO - our sister company dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for the wood industry. But NORTO is more than just a sister company: it is an integral part of our sustainability strategy.

We started NORTO with the aim of utilizing wood offcuts and waste materials to create new and innovative products. NORTO focuses on producing building materials, including wood panels and flooring, as well as developing innovative interior design and storage solutions. All this is done with a holistic approach to sustainability and with a focus on circular economy.

But NORTO has a wider significance for VTI than just being a sustainable production unit. It is a place where we can test new technologies, experiment with sustainable processes and develop new products that fit our vision of creating a more sustainable future.

We see NORTO as an important tool in our sustainability strategy, helping us achieve our goal of reducing our environmental footprint and creating a more sustainable future for our planet. NORTO is a reminder that sustainability is not just about reducing our impact on the environment, but also about creating innovative and creative solutions that benefit us all.

For VTI, NORTO is thus the prototype for a binding and developing collaboration that can be transferred to other partners.


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The Smaid standard: How we work with social responsibility

VTI is a member of Sedex, a global technology company that focuses on data and supports member companies' work with social responsibility throughout the supply chain.Through our membership, we are audited in the Smeta standard.In other words, we comply with the most important international standards within social responsibility, and at the same time commit to constantly focus on the working environment, thereby contributing to VTI's continued growth with a focus on employee well-being and working conditions.As a member of Sedex, we are committed to being a socially responsible company that, based on supporting data, continuously works to improve all aspects in relation to our CSR efforts.