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Kim Bank - Operations Manager Day Shift 

- Today you will meet Kim Bankwho is our Operations Manager on the day shift.

Kim is responsible for the general operation of the production and is the person with the big picture that makes everything run optimally. He is responsible for the management and coordination of the employees and helps to ensure a high level of information among the employees so that everyone is aware of the various tasks and processes in everyday life. Kim works closely with our production manager, and one of their focus areas is the development and optimization of production and our processes, which helps to keep production modern and keep us competitive. 💪

In his spare time, he loves to hit the ball in padel tennis and plays it competitively. We sponsor Kim and his teammate, who both represent us with a logo and tagline at various padel tournaments. 🎾

Alongside padel, Kim is also involved in the community as a team leader in a local fire department, where he is ready to go out in the evening, night and weekend hours. 🧑‍🚒

In addition to his commitment as a part-time firefighter, Kim is also a cardiac runner. This means he is trained and ready to perform CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest. He has taken courses and is trained to provide life-saving first aid in the event that a situation arises where it is needed. 💙

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