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Søren Winterberg - Product Manager 

- Today you will meet Søren Winterberg who is our Product Manager 💙

Søren has worked at VTI for 28 years and therefore has a vast knowledge of the industry, our products and the company in general. As Product Manager, Søren is in charge of sales, but also has a deeper knowledge of the products and production and is also responsible for which purchased material to use for our different products. ⭐

Søren is also one of our external faces, as he is often on customer visits around Europe. He talks partnerships and is a perfect fit for this task with his broad knowledge of the company, but not least his understanding of our products 🛫.

Søren lives in Vinderup with his family and spends his free time playing sports such as badminton, mountain biking and paddle tennis. 🏸

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