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Hans Hunskjær - Production employee 

- Today, we're going to visit the production, where you'll meet Hans Hunskjær, who is responsible for our cutters. Our cutters are responsible for sawing the wood into different lengths and dividing it into our different qualities to suit the different orders 🌲.

Hans picks up the raw wood with a forklift and feeds the machine with raw wood in lengths from 2.7m to 6m. The machine scans the raw wood and gets the information about dimensions, knots and cracks, and then saws the wood to the desired dimensions. Hans is committed to reducing waste in this process by optimizing the lengths as much as possible ♻

After sawing, Hans goes through various control procedures to ensure that the wood meets the desired requirements. Among other things, Hans performs length checks, angle checks and checks if the grain side is facing upwards. The checks are important, as many of our machines are very sensitive and even small fluctuations can cause major problems later in production, which is why Hans works with great thoroughness 🔍

The inevitable waste is upcycled in NORTO ♻💚

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