The window industry – Glulam for windows  

VTI delivers glulam of the highest quality for windows. As well as stocking a number of standard glulam window components, VTI also offers custom window profiles. We offer window timber with or without heartwood, finger-jointed and laminated glulam. We have recently expanded our range to include energy-saving, heat-treated glulam.

VTI is one of the leading manufacturers of glulam, so we help to set the standard in terms of what can be done. Our experienced employees put the customer first, which means you always get the best possible solution when it comes to the importance of quality and security of supply.

VTI uses exclusively Nordic pine sourced from sustainable forestry. We can also supply FSC®-certified glulam that meets the customer’s requirements regarding the origin of the raw timber and responsible forestry. We offer an extensive product range – from VTI’s many standard profiles kept in stock to individual, customized solutions.

  • Window timber with or without heartwood  
  • Finger-jointed glulam  
  • Finger-jointed/laminated glulam
  • Solid laminated glulam
  • Heat-treated Finger-jointed glulam

VTI uses the latest gluing and production technologies to ensure that our quality and efficiency are unbeatable. 

We offer you an optimum logistics solution, with overnight delivery on our VTI standard stock – exactly when you want it. This saves space in your own warehouse and you can always be certain of having the the goods when you need them.

VTI has recently expanded our range to include energy-efficient, heat-treated, finger-jointed glulam. We are the only market player able to supply finger-jointed profiles made from heat-treated timber. With this technology, we are able to produce profiles with significantly improved insulation capacity, dimensional stability and durability, opening up brand-new opportunities in the window industry.


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Get in touch with one of our sales staff to find out more about your options if you need a long-term working relationship characterized by honesty, quality and security of supply. We would be delighted to prepare a quotation and presentation to demonstrate how we can be a value-creating business partner for your particular business – without any obligation whatsoever, of course.


Glulam for windows

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