VTI is FSC® certified

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a collaborative venture of equals involving various forestry stakeholders who have come to a consensus on guidelines for sustainable forestry. FSC respects the financial, social and natural interests.

Accordingly, VTI does not use raw timber from:
- forest areas where traditional or civil rights are exploited 
- non-certified forests worthy of preservation
- genetically modified timber
- illegally felled woodland
- ancient forest cleared for purposes other than forestry  

Being FSC certified means the factory is able to document the specific origin of the raw timber has been used in the production of the various orders. We are able to trace the raw timber from raw timber reception all the way through production to packaging and delivery.

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Jacob Wernberg


Jacob Wernberg


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Lars Henrik Olsen

Quality and Development Manager

Lars Henrik Olsen


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