Stairway industry – Glulam for stairways

 VTI now also offers pine glulam sheeting for the stairway industry. We have invested in new production equipment for glulam for stairways, so we are able to produce the long lengths required by the stairway industry.  

We always put the customer first and customise the optimum glulam solution for side stringers and treads to ensure that quality, service, reliability of supply and price add up to a greater whole.  

We believe that long-term partnership solutions produce the best result for our customers.  

VTI uses exclusively high-quality Nordic pine sourced from sustainable forestry. We are FSC® certified and are of course able to supply glulam side strings and treads made from FSC-certified timber.  

Our experienced employees and state-of-the-art production technology mean our customers can be assured of obtaining uniform quality, time after time. 

  • Stair treads – Side strings – Glulam posts
  • Pine glulam   
  • Lengths up to 5,100 mm
  • Wide range of glulam products

Working with major sawmills, we are able to adapt our glulam products to meet the expectations of the stairway industry regarding product range.  Tell us what you want, and we’ll identify the best solution.


Do you need a long-term business partner whose watchwords are honesty, quality and security of supply? Then get in touch with our product manager to find out more about your options.

We would be delighted to prepare a quotation and presentation to demonstrate how we can be a value-creating business partner for your particular business – without any obligation whatsoever, of course. 



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Product manager, Stairs

Søren Winterberg

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