VTI exclusively uses slow-growing pine timber from Nordic forests. Timber from these areas is sustainable, and, naturally, the timber we supply is FSC-certified.  

The raw material is extremely important when it comes to manufacturing our glulam sheets. That is why we carry out an incoming inspection of all loads of raw material received from the sawmills. This way, we ensure that we are always using the right raw material for the right quality.  

All raw materials are run through our scanner before the planks are shortened. This is another opportunity to check that the quality is what it is supposed to be. The ends are scanned for defects to ensure they can be processed without waste.

The next quality control takes place when sorting the slats. Here, we reject other defects that do not conform to the quality we have agreed with the customer. At this stage, we also sort front and back edges to ensure the glulam sheets can be worked with minimal waste.  

If – contrary to expectation – the glulam sheets still have a defect, we reject them immediately after the press.  

VTI works with three different grades of glulam, which can be adapted to the customer’s specific wishes.



Pine glulam


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Soeren Winterberg


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