Furniture Industry – Glulam for furniture

Glulam pine sheets for the furniture industry are VTI’s original product. We have more than 35 years’ of experience of glulam for furniture, production of glulam sheets of Nordic pine as well as FSC®-certified furniture glulam, and we would be pleased to assist with customising the best possible solution for you.   

VTI always puts customers first. That is why we are in a position to customise the best possible solution for you to ensure that quality, service, reliability of supply and price add up to a greater whole.  

We believe that long-term partnership solutions produce the best results for our customers.  

VTI uses exclusively high-quality Nordic pine sourced from sustainable forestry. We can also supply FSC®-certified furniture glulam that meets our customers’ requirements regarding the origin of the raw timber and responsible forestry. 

Thanks to VTI’s experienced employees and state-of-the-art production technology, you can rest assured that you will receive uniform quality, time after time – and at the agreed time.   We have a large stock of raw materials and efficient production equipment. As a result, we are very flexible and we are able to offer less than ten days’ delivery time for glulam sheets. We are always prepared to go the extra mile if an unexpected situation arises.

  • Sheet thicknesses from 6 mm to 45 mm
  • Three different face grades – which can be adjusted to your individual requirements
  • Ends and edges ready for machining – free from black knots
  • Option of sanding with 120 grain on 8-band sanders
  • Gluing in conformity with Class E1 standard  

Get in touch with our product manager to find out more about your options if you need a long-term business partner whose watchwords are honesty, quality and security of supply.

We would be delighted to prepare a quotation and presentation to demonstrate how we can be a value-creating business partner for your particular business – without any obligation whatsoever, of course. 


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Product manager, Furniture/DIY

Soeren Winterberg

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