VTI Milestones

The History of VTI. A timeline highlighting the biggest milestones since it's inception, to the present day. A journey that has seen innovation, renewal, expansion, and some key anniversaries. VTI's pathway to becoming one of Europes leading glulam manufacturers.

  • 1976
    Flemming Nielsen starts work as a master carpenter in his father’s barn in Gudum
  • 1981
    Production of glulam begins in Vinderup
  • 1986
    VTI enlarges its facilities to more than 1,100 m2 of production space
  • 1992
    VTI enlarges its facilities to more than 4,000 m2 of production space. Flemming’s brother, Helge, starts VTI’s export business
  • 1995
    VTI enlarges its facilities to more than 8,000 m2 of production space
  • 1999
    VTI builds a new factory with 18,000 m2 of production space
  • 2000
    VTI builds a 4,500 m2 raw materials warehouse
  • 2001
    VTI celebrates its 25th anniversary. Former production manager Bjarne Andersen is made managing director
  • 2003
    VTI starts to export to countries outside Europe
  • 2005
    VTI receives King Frederik IX of Denmark’s Award of honour for services to Danish export
  • 2006
    VTI starts selling to the DIY market
  • 2007
    VTI sells its shareholding in a Polish joint venture factory
  • 2008
    VTI launches its third product category – glulam components for the window industry
  • 2010
    VTI commences production of comb-jointed profiles
  • 2012
    VTI is designated a “Gazelle” growth company
  • 2013
    VTI launches glulam for stairways
  • 2014
    VTI launches heat-treated glulam
  • 2016
    VTI celebrates its 40th anniversary